Monday, January 30, 2006


Here's a real-life Southwest Airlines commercial from Cambridge, England.

According to reports, a visitor to the Fitzwilliam Museum tripped on his own shoelace at the top of a flight of stairs, took a tumble down them and crashed into a window sill - bringing down three Qing dynasty Chinese vases from the late 17th century. Oops. Wanna get away??

One good trip deserves another.

The vases had been donated to The Fitzwilliam Museum in the city of Cambridge back in 1948, and were among the best-known artifacts in the museum's collection. They had been safe on their window sill perch for 40 years before crashing to the floor. The museum director was kind in the wake of the accident: "It was a most unfortunate and regrettable accident, but we are glad that the visitor involved was able to leave the museum unharmed."

The Museum has reported intentions to put the Qingty dumpty collection back together again, despite its many fragments.

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