Friday, January 06, 2006


Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to write a screenplay about a special remote control that gives people the power to stop time. I’d dream about what I would do with it and how I could change the world if I could start and stop time on a whim. But, like most of you, I am an enormous underachiever and procrastinator, so I am still on page one of that screenplay, at the top of the page, watching a lonely cursor blink and blink and blink.

Recognizing the probability that my screenplay isn’t going to write itself, I suppose I ought to be happy someone got around to writing it for me. You can play the trailer here. The name of the movie is “Click” and it’s scheduled for release in June of 2006.

Despite starring Adam Sandler, it actually looks like it might be good!


Peter N said...

And you know what? The original Twilight Zone, that of Rod Serling, had a tremendous episode with the exact same theme. It was haunting and brilliant, as many of the shows' episodes were. Just FYI, Ter.

Peter N said...

I forgot. A common occurance. I added a link to your site on my blog. Under humor, although there is so much more here than that. If you feel like doing the same it would be mucho appreciated, although mine tends toward the Sox of Red during baseball times, but not now. Heartfelt stuff mixed with smiles and nostril expunging during laughs. Check it out by clicking my name. Or maybe you have. Stay well.