Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Startling new research suggests there is a strong link between consuming excessive food and becoming overweight. Scientists at the Delaware University of Health (DUH) revealed Wednesday the results of a 5-year study in which they tracked the eating behavior of 1,500 very hungry people. Lead researcher Dr. Robert Kruller says the findings are revolutionary.

"What we are seeing is a dramatic correlation between body weight and food consumption," Kruller noted. "It appears as though the more our subjects eat, the heavier they become. It's quite astonishing really."

One variable seemed to play a mitigating role, however. Exercise.

"Remarkably, those subjects who increased their level of physical activity during the research period gained little to no extra weight. It was as if the food they were eating just burned up."

Although they say they're not exactly sure how the pieces all fit together, they feel the results point them in the right direction.

"Obesity is fast becoming epidemic here in America, and we need to get to the bottom of it. This study measurably demonstrates that food intake may be playing a significant role. We're very excited about the results."

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