Monday, November 21, 2005


Did you hear about the new reality program coming out in the UK? It’s called Space Cadets and it’s being billed as the biggest hoax in television history.

The makers of Big Brother have reportedly persuaded a group of British adventure seekers to take a trip into outer space – only they’re not really being blasted into space. The entire experience will be simulated on the ground, inside an elaborate film studio, so that the participants believe they’re actually out in space!

Nine people will be selected to blast into the final frontier, and the show will document their preparation as they undergo intensive training in “Russia,” which will actually be an old airbase in the UK. When it comes time to make the great leap into space, their shuttle will be the very same Hollywood contraption built for the film Space Cowboys. And a giant screen just outside the shuttle will provide the illusion of a journey into space. An authentic launch sound has been created by a Hollywood sound specialist, and the mock craft has been mechanically outfitted to tip and rock during lift off and throughout the “voyage.”

Worried that some participants might catch on, three actors will be on board to help facilitate the illusion and provide feedback should the amateur astronauts become suspicious. Now THAT'S entertainment!

I can’t wait for the American version – Survivor: Lunar Edition.

Probst: “16 blastaways stranded on the moon have to learn to live together while forging a whole new civilization from scratch…with no food, no water, and for the first time ever, NO AIR! For 39 days they’ll bounce around in 1/6th gravity, facing tough new reward challenges as they compete for one million dollars and the title of sole survivor! Get ready, because the countdown to orbital council starts right now – 4…3…2…1” [LOAD INTRO]

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Peter N said...

How will they simulate the absence of gravity? No way, unless the people are incredibly stupid.