Thursday, November 10, 2005


So I'm watching Survivor here, enjoying a couple of pan-fried pork chops, when the CBS channel 2 news center catches my attention during a commercial break. I shit you not, this is what I hear:

"Why hundreds of thousands of chicagoland residents are being told to have their tap water tested immediately. Could you be one? Find out tonight at ten."

Excuse me? If hundreds of thousands of people need to check their tap water immediately, shouldn't you tell us who they are immediately?? What's this "find out at 10" horseshit? I hate these fucking scare tactics news programs use to lure us in. I'm hitting the sink right now and downing as much tap water as my belly can hold in the hope I get deathly ill so I can sue the shit out of CBS Channel 2 for withholding vital public health safety information.



Peter N said...

I'm so glad that the ex-quarterback followed Judd and also by doing that foung the thingy. Now he's the only one who knopws Judd and his fat lie. I smell blackmail. I was puzzled and shocked he didn't mention it in the ceremony, but then I knew he must have found it. Judd is F'd.

AYNtK said...

Yeah - Judd is pretty much done. When the kids get back to camp, they're all going to want Gary to tell them where he found the damn thing...and when he DOES, Judd's big lie will be exposed.

I'm just waiting for GARY'S big lie to be exposed!