Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Here’s some more of my handiwork, because I know you people are interested. It's a little work I did for a company that claims to manufacture the only confection of its kind made in America – a bite-sized piece of chocolate filled with real espresso. They didn’t have a name for it, so I was put to the task of coming up with something sweet (pun forced). I came up with scores of options to choose from – in the end, a focus group helped us select Espresso Secrets.

My personal recommendation was to market them on college campuses as “Buzz Nuggets” with the tagline "Good to go." As is so often the case in my life, no one took me seriously.

Anyhow, a year and a half later they finally got around to producing the damn things and I was proud to see they’re still using my copy to promote them. I actually had a couple and must admit they were tasty. Is it time for a coffee break?


Sheila K said...

This is all good and fine, but nothing on the website tells us poor espresso/chocolate-deprived losers where to BUY this product!!! Local distributors?? Anything? Can you help a sista' out?

AYNtK said...

Yeah - this is a problem. I was chatting the other day with my buddy who designed the packaging for the product. Neither of us work at that agency any longer and we were both laughing at how useless the site is. At this point the product is not meant to be commercially availably online - the site is primarily a device for courting distribution channels. In that regard, I hope it works. I'd love to stumble across MY "Espresso Secrets" in the candy aisle of a Walgreen's some day...