Friday, October 28, 2005


I recently saw a nightly news program segment warning people against the many internet scams coming out of countries in Africa, where scam artists with only a rough grasp of the English language are somehow talking “greedy” Americans into sharing their person banking information. Most of these scam e-mails are likely snagged by your e-mail program's SPAM filter and tossed into your junk/bulk folder next to reminders to read AYNtK, so you may have never seen one firsthand.

I have - and they're hysterical. It's really a wonder anyone would respond at all given how poorly they're written. But according to the news source, these scam operations are big business overseas where enterprising young Nigerians pack cybercafes day and night attempting to hoodwink naive Americans.

I received one such scam e-mail earlier this week, and in the interest of research, responded. You'll be interested to know that I have been communicating with an internet bandit who goes by the name of Bawa for two days now. I have saved the entire communication stream for your amusement. When our dialogue concludes, I will post it in full all to enjoy.

Big fun!

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Peter N said...

The Nigerian spam. Ah, the myriad responses one might come up with. But alas, the spammees can get revenge on the spammers, sometimes getting THEM to send some money of their own. It's all in the "Letters archive" of Have fun, you just might spend some time there, laughing.