Friday, September 16, 2005


Blame. Blame. Blame. We're obsessed with it. Every web poll is asking the same question: Who do YOU blame for the mess?

Um, I don't know...KATRINA?

But that's not good enough for some people. We need to be able to point at specific individuals and say, "That person right there fucked up and now I'm suffering." It's a miracle anybody bothers helping anybody at all these days. All we hear is criticism. Thanks for helping - what took you so long? Why didn't you do this? Why didn't you try this?

When are we going to have a massive human tragedy that goes RIGHT for a change? Every time something horrible happens we focus on all the things people are doing wrong instead of all the wonderful things people are doing RIGHT. I guess nobody wants to watch a big lovefest on the news - controversy, agony, and plight get much better ratings. It has almost become central to our existence as individuals that we be able to assign blame for everything that happens to us. There are no more accidents, mistakes, and misunderstandings. We've all become victims of someone else's negligence. But that's what happens in a nation of laws - we're conditioned to presume every unfortunate event is the direct result of someone else's behavior. God can't even throw a hurricane anymore without his children blaming each other in the afternath. He's up there thinking, "That was MY deadly storm and they're giving all the credit to this Mike Brown guy!"

For your reference - this is the best article I have read since that damn hurricane turned New Orleans into a port-o-let. !

If you're not a subscriber, it's worth giving them your e-mail address just to read. Funny, funny stuff...

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