Thursday, September 15, 2005


I just got through leaving a book review on and it dawned on me - why not share it with the people I love?

"We've been trained by the media to believe that big business is what's wrong with America. We hear every day new stories of the corporate elite sticking it to the little guy. But what we're forgetting is that free market systems are run by PEOPLE. It's all very basic, really.

Stossel commendably shines a light on how a competitive, sensationalist media often exaggerates the truth in giving business a bad rap. And instead of letting the free market work, we tend to regulate ourselves to death - creating more costs and problems through legal wrangling than the products and industries we're legislating ever did!

Stossel provides eye-opening example after example of how a few overzealous reporters or bureaucratic missionaries can significantly impair the free market – limiting the freedom that makes a free market possible.

Clear and concise, it's an easy-to-access book that makes for a great weekend read. I highly recommend."

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